Khndzoresk School

Khndzoreks school: 300+ children. 7 bathrooms. No Water or functional toilets!  Read on.

School Building

Khndzoresk School

300 plus children and about 20 staff attending and working at this school in Khndzoresk have very unsanitary restroom conditions.  Almost all of the 7 bathrooms (3 boys, 3 girls and 1 staff) are using restrooms built in the 1950’s with no running water.  This is unacceptable.


Project Details

Armenian Network of America will be renovating 3 out of the 7 bathrooms for the first phase.  Second phase will consist of the other 4 bathroom renovations, piping, door and window replacements.  ArmnetLA in collaboration with other sponsors and Paros Foundation, have begun renovating 3 out of 7 bathrooms in this school.

The renovations are going as planned and on budget thanks to a team of professionals at Paros Foundation and our very own dedicated staff.

But, we still need your help!  We are short of about $3,500 from completing this first phase by September 2016.  Click here to donate today and help us finish in time for the new school year!

Phase I cost:
3 restrooms
3 toilets
3 sinks

About Khndzoresk Village

SchoolOnMapKhndzoresk village is a village and rural community in the South-East of Armenia, in the province of Syunik. The village is located to the right of Goris – Stepanakert highway, on the steep slopes of Khor Dzor (Deep Gorge).  According to the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia (ARMSTAT) Khndzoresk had a population of 2,260 in 2010, up from 1,992 at the 2001 census. The size of the village is 67.86 km2 (26.20 sq. mi).
About 90% of the population is involved in agriculture.  There is a small milk processing enterprise in the village, administrative and public institutions, such as community council, secondary school, musical school, kindergarten, library, museum and a cultural club.


Current Restroom Conditions

This is the current condition of the bathrooms.  The following images represent just how dire the situation is in this school.  There is no running water due to the old and leaky pipes which come into the school.  The toilets are barely functional and the windows are so old and rotted that the restroom temperatures are extreme during the summer and winter.

bath1 Bath2 Bath3 Bath4 Bath5 Bath6 Bath7 Bath9



Current Renovation Progress

We’ve already begun work on the first three bathrooms (phase I).  As you can see new tiles and piping have been installed.  New windows and door frames have been installed.  We’re so very close to finishing these first three bathrooms by September 2016 school year.

NewBath1 NewBath2 NewBath3 NewBath4 NewBath5 NewBath6



New Sink and Toilets

The new fixtures will be installed soon for the three renovated bathrooms.  We hope to have them completed in the next two to three weeks at most; just in time for the school year!

The Long Term Impact

-306 children and 20 staff members will have running water and functional restrooms
-Improved sanitation
-Avoid epidemics

The Short Term Impact

The reconstruction of bathrooms will employ a contractor, local labor and support the local economy through the purchase of necessary building materials and fixtures.  The village has also volunteered their own staff to help with these renovations in order to keep costs as low as possible.


The project will be implemented in three phases for $10,500 each.  First phase of the project is due to be completed by September 2016.  We are working very closely with Paros Foundation for this project.  We want to thank them for their collaborative efforts and professionalism.  More about Paros Foundation can be found at their website.

Donations of more than $500 will have the donors name displayed at the school as a BIG thank you!